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"Your website provides the Muslims community with useful and practical information about Islamic mortgages that adhere with their beliefs. It also gives non Muslims an understanding of what is the Islamic view on different modes of Islamic mortgages".  Manchester, UK


"Without any doubt, the website (www.Islamic Mortgages you have launched will do well".  Glasgow, UK


"I would like to see more information about what type of property you finance. For example, some Islamic lenders do not finance council houses or premises that contain commercial and domestic "shop and a flat".  London, UK


"I was delighted to find the site whilst looking for information on Islamic mortgages. I found the site very informative and easy to navigate. Excellent! It was just what I was searching for".  Wakefield, UK


"I've found a great web site with information on every aspect of Islamic Mortgages - www.Islamic Mortgages".  London, UK


"This is a great, now I can feel my religion growing, how it is wonderful even in Economics, well down to everybody, Allah guide you".  Midlands, UK


"Well, it's an excellent attempt to solve one of the basic and fundamental challenges for Muslims living in the west, at same time trying to face the reality of living here and within the context of their islamic faith. Here you are to address that issue. Your service came at the time it is most needed. More grease to your elbow and may Allah assist you in attaining your vision and mission".  Edmonton, London, UK


"This website is very good mashaallah giving details of all the Banks offering Islamic mortgages in UK and also has debate section by Islamic scholars on the principles used for Islamic mortgages-whether it is right or wrong. May ALLAH guide us all....Aameen".  UK


"Asalamu Alaikum, there r also many Muslims around this world especially in INDIA expecting Islamic financing and banking for their prosperous life and day to day needs. So kindly please arrange to start at least one or two branches in India for people like us trying to live in the way or our Prop. Mohamed (sal).May ALLAH blesses us."  Sheik Uduman Mohideen  Mohamed Sha Ameer (Inida)



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The entire product range offered on this website is Shariah compliant. However, from time to time we will promote relevant none Halal products where no Islamic / Halal alternatives exist. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up monthly payments due under an Islamic / Halal mortgage agreement (your lease and / or diminishing ownership agreement).