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Our vision

To be the leading online Islamic mortgage and finance provider in the world, offering a one-stop shop for innovative value added products and services to our customers within the bounds of Shariah Law.

Our service mission

To develop a committed service culture which ensures the consistent delivery of our products and services within the highest quality service parameters, which promote Islamic values and ethos.

Why Muslims are at the heart of what we do was launched on Friday 2nd December 2005, with the of aim of giving British Muslims and non Muslims an avenue to search for all Islamic based mortgage products within the UK on a single website.  Our original website was the first of its kind and began to receive over 60,000 hits per month.  We now currently rank number one for all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN (for key word search of Islamic Mortgages). 

Our success has been built on providing a high level of relevant information together with direct access to all lenders and financial institutions.  We provide an unbiased source of information content, which gives the visitor a more rounded objective route to making an informed decision. 

Our new site now covers almost all areas of Islamic Finance within the UK; giving a one stop shop to meet all your individual needs.  We have teamed up with some of the leading financial and professional institutions in the world to give you a single online source of information.

We are an ethical website which provides information and related products which are Islamic. . However, from time to time we may promote a none Islamic product, where no Islamic alternative exists (also listings in our directory may or may not be an Islamic Company).  We hope you find the information on this website useful, and inshahallah there is now a real alternative to conventional finance.



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The entire product range offered on this website is Shariah compliant. However, from time to time we will promote relevant none Halal products where no Islamic / Halal alternatives exist. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up monthly payments due under an Islamic / Halal mortgage agreement (your lease and / or diminishing ownership agreement).