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Launch of New Islamic Mortgages Website

A new Islamic Mortgages website ( was launched on Friday 2nd December 2005. The website aims to give British Muslims and non Muslims an avenue to search for all Islamic based mortgage products within the UK on a single website; this website is the first of its kind and is already receiving a lot of interest from all sections of the Muslim community.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be, states Islamic law; British Muslims can now buy their homes without compromising their faith. There are now 2.5 million Muslims in the UK , which makes Islam the second largest religion in the UK behind Christianity. This huge community, however, is forbidden by Islamic law - Sharia - to take out mortgages. Money doesn't produce money, but money has to be produced by effort and work. This is why interest (Riba) is forbidden and accordingly mortgages are not allowed. This situation has now changed with a number UK's leading lenders providing Shariah based mortgage products.

Nusrat Janjua, Marketing Director, commented 'Islamic Mortgages is a UK based information website which provides details of all the Halal / Shariah based mortgage products available within the UK. You will be able to see quite clearly which lender provides what mortgage at a glance. The Website provides the visitor with FREE information access to Islamic Mortgage's, and the direct contact details of the Lender, so there is no need to talk to a broker or pay any unnecessary fees when Islamic Mortgages does all this free for you. Inshallah visitors to the site will find what they are looking for.'

Additional features of the website include history of Islamic mortgages, what the key scholars say, market news and events. 'We hope to make the site the central point of information on Islamic Mortgages to British Muslims - and for the first time to help to clarify what it means to have an Islamic based mortgage product' said Nusrat Janjua.

For further details and enquiries please email:

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