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Why make an Islamic Will

To fulfil an important religious duty

If you die without leaving a Will, 'intestacy' rules are used to distribute your estate. These rules do not apply the same criteria as those laid down by the Shari'a, which is why it becomes an obligatory religious duty for Muslims living in the country to make an Islamic Will.

To protect your family

Since law does not recognise Islamic marriages or divorces, an Islamic Will is often the only means by which Muslim spouses and their dependants can be guaranteed the shares to which they are entitled under the Shari'a.

If you have children under the age of 18, and you and your spouse should die, then the courts will make the decision as to who looks after them. By appointing legal guardians in your Will you can ensure that this doesn't happen.

It gives you peace of mind

Unnecessary family disputes can often be avoided if you make a Will - and by appointing trustworthy executors you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out.

Writing a Will gives you to the opportunity to document payment of outstanding legal and religious obligations such as unpaid Mahr (dowry), Zakah and any other Kaffara.

It makes financial sense

It needn't cost a great deal to make a Will, and can be a sound investment - especially since if you die 'intestate', your family will have to apply to the courts to administer your estate - a far more lengthy and costly process than if you had written a Will.

A tax efficient Will can save on the amount of Inheritance Tax your family may have to pay after you die.

It gives you the opportunity to help those less fortunate

By leaving a gift in your Will to a charitable cause which has an ongoing benefit, it helps not only the recipient(s) but can help you too - for Sadaqa Jariya is one of only three actions that continue to be rewarded after you die.

Leaving a legacy to a charity such as Islamic Relief has financial benefits too for gifts left to charities registered in the UK are free from inheritance tax which can save on the amount of tax your family may have to pay after you die.


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