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There are around 70 types of conventional lenders offering personal loans in the UK today, from traditional high street banks and building societies to online banks and supermarkets. However, until recently, getting an Islamic Personal loan was virtually none existent. Today, it has never been more easily attainable.

At one time, borrowing money from the bank would have involved getting out the best suit and grovelling to the manager. These days, banks ring customers at home and ask them if they want to take out a loan. In fact, they almost give you a hard time if you're not borrowing.

And just as it's never been easier - it's also never been quicker. You can pick up the phone and arrange to borrow money as quickly as you could book a table at a restaurant.

The Islamic Bank of Britain leads the way in personal Islamic finance. Through its online facilities and high street branches; getting an Islamic personal loan is only a phone call or click away.

To find out more, submit your enquiry to IBB, or please ring IBB Customer Services Team on 0845 6060 786     


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