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Shaikh Nizam M.S. Yaquby

Educated to PhD Candidate University of Wales (Islamic Law). BA McGill University Montreal - Canada (Economics & Comparative Religion). Traditional Islamic studies under the guidance of eminent scholars, including Shaikh Abdulla al- Farisi, Shaikh Yusuf al-Siddiqi, Shaikh Muhammed Saleh al-Abbasi, Shaikh Muhhamed Yasin al Fadani (Makkah), Shaikh Habib-ur-Rahman A. Zaini (India), Shaikh Abdulla bin Al-Siddiq Al-Ghumar (Morocco), and others.

Experience includes Khatib in Bahrain Mosques (1981-1990), Teaching Tafsir, Hadith and Fiqh in Bahrain. Also is a Member of the Islamic Supervisory Boards for the Islamic Investment Banking Unit of The Ahli United Bank (UK) PLC London, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and several other Islamic banks and institutions. Has published many works includingRisalah fi al Tawbah (in Arabic), Qurrat al-Ainayn fi Fada il Birr al-Walidayn (in Arabic), Irshad al-Uqala ila Hukm al Qira h min al-Mushaf fi al-Salah., Tahqiq al Amal fi Ikhraj Zkat Al-Fitr Bil-Mal (Editor).

Serves as Shariah Scholar for: HSBC, and Alburaq


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